Dark Chocolate: Virtue Not Vice!

Dark Chocolate

Notwithstanding its sweet reputation and image of indulgence, dark chocolate is actually a food that is rich in health benefits. Packed with natural, plant-based antioxidants, called flavanols, dark chocolate possesses an incredible ability to ward off damage to cells and organs. Eating dark chocolate may contribute to improved cardiovascular health—in clinical trials it has reduced blood pressure, improved blood flow, showed mild anti-clotting effects and may help prevent plaque formation in arteries. Dark chocolate has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values of high-flavanol containing foods. A food’s ORAC rating is a measure of its ability to subdue harmful oxygen-free radicals that can damage our bodies. Remarkably, dark chocolate ranks higher than such foods as blueberries, red plums, green tea and red wine.

It has a low glycemic index similar to that of oatmeal. As a result, dark chocolate will not spike blood sugar levels when consumed, and thus is a source of sustainable energy. In addition, cocoa butter in chocolate may even provide protection against tooth decay!

So, the next time you hesitate to enjoy a treat of sumptuous dark chocolate–don’t. Rest assured that, as with other ingredients in K’s NRG, dark chocolate’s amazing array of health benefits will enhance your energy and nourish your body.